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Liisa* writes for several national and regional magazines; and business-to-business newsletters. Before starting Write Away, Inc., she worked as an editor for a national medical publishing company where she managed a team of writers and did market research for new launches.


She is the former editor of Action Pursuit Games Magazine- the world's leading paintball magazine and co-editor for Grilled Magazine. She currently has two monthly columns that feature chefs and wine experts. She received her Masters Degree in Media Studies from the New School for Social Research in New York City and has experience working with legal, educational, healthcare, hospitality, not-for-profit clients and more. She is a member of the Junior League of Asheville where she is Vice President of Communications; and was a former Board member (Vice President) for the Public Relations Association of Western North Carolina.     

(Yes, Liisa with 2 ii’s is correct. Liisa’s grandmother was from Finland and thought the Finnish spelling would set her apart from the rest.)

Bryan Sullivan has a B.A. in Communications from Alfred University in New York. He also holds a culinary degree from the New York Restaurant School. He owned and operated a catering business in Naples, FL and has worked at several fine-dining establishments throughout the U.S. Prior to getting into the hospitality business, he worked on Wall Street as a sales assistant for a NYSE brokerage firm.


After a career transition, he worked as the Features Editor for Action Pursuit Games Magazine, the world's leading paintball magazine, and writes about culinary trends and food-related topics. He was also the co-editor for Grilled Magazine, a new launch start up that was geared to men.     


When he is not busy writing or wrangling writers, his focus is on marketing and PR and he handles all new sales and customer service support.

Annie, Security Director
Annie has a talent for sniffing out new clients. She also watches the door, retrieves and delivers important inter-office messages and enjoys entertaining clients in the waiting area. She takes the occasional nap which keeps up her high energy level and also allows her to maintain her professional edge.