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While you may be a top-notch writer, if you are not using the words (keywords) in your content that people are searching for on line, then you might as well be writing in ancient language.  The content on your site needs to match keywords that people are using to search for your services.


Repetition of keywords seems to have positive effect on search rankings. For example, if you have a tree planting business, the more your use these phrases within your content, the higher you will rank in search. It may take some time, but it’s worth it in the long run.


A keyword analysis will help to determine your top keywords and also identify what the competition is doing. There is a wide array of programs available to assist in this process.


Effective E-newsletters PDF Print

Writing effective e-newsletters is probably simpler than you think. In fact, like many things in life, the old standard saying applies -- KISS -- Keep it simple stupid. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are planning to begin distributing an effective e-newsletter to your clients:


1. Keep it short. If the user has to scroll more than twice- you will likely lose their attention. 

2. Grab them with the subject line - you have five seconds to get their attention and then its over. Make sure to avoid spam words to ensure that your client will receive.

3. Give them content that they can use - recipes, practical tips they can implement to make their lives better, and so on.

4. Make sure to include links to items that you want them to see (promotional offers, upcoming event, etc. )

5. Make it pretty, but keep it short and sweet. 

6. Do you research. Make sure you know your demographic. For instance, people over 65 will spend twice as long reading your content.  

 7. Develop an e-mail gathering system so you can continue to add more people to your distrubution list!


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