How to Choose a "Techie" PDF Print

 Some “techies” in the industry are affectionately referred to as “pasty whites.” Many people believe that the pastier the face, the more talented the techie. This comes from a belief that techies are tied to their computers and rarely see the light of day.  While this may be true in some cases, the most important thing to look for is a person or team who is easy to communicate with and responds within a given deadline. Writers are deadline driven and if the tech company cannot meet deadlines, then a problem will naturally ensue.




In addition, an understanding of blog software, SEO, keyword optimization and overall Internet marketing techniques is important. You may wish to view other web sites that the person or company has worked on and do some search research of your own. Does their site rank well in their area of expertise? Is the content easy to understand and attractively presented? And, remember, while a pretty site is nice to have, without some brains behind it, its visitors will soon become bored and move onto the one with a fresh face and changing content to keep things exciting.
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