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What is organic SEO? No, it’s not a new healthy eating trend. It is how you get people to visit your Web site without paying huge amounts of $ for pay-per-click campaigns.  It is done through article syndication, selecting the appropriate key words – and content, content and yes, more content! Content is king! It is important to change content and to share content with many other search engines out there. Contact us and we will be happy to explain more!

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Custom Publishing Targets Niche Audience


It’s been said that we, “Surf the Internet, but swim in magazines,” proving that print is not dead. Most people still spend money on magazines and readership is up among young people as well as their parents. Why? Magazines continue to provide that relationship-building experience that we all seek. It remains like no other medium out there. Magazines provide a certain “intimacy” that other forms of communication do not. Now- this is not to say that digital and social media do not continue to soar, they do – but print will remain strong especially in the area of custom publishing.