Syndicated Press Releases: SEO and ROI PDF Print

by Laura Eshelman


We always hear about how Internet technology makes the world smaller, but it also makes opportunities greater. With the advent of search engines like Google and Yahoo!, our fondest desires have become but a keystroke command. Think, for instance, if you were an entrepreneur a decade or more ago — how would you promote yourself? Or, how would you, as a non-profit organization, make an announcement about an upcoming fundraiser? If your business was launching a new product that stood out from your competitors, how quickly could you let everyone know without the Internet? It was possible, but not as effective.


The Internet improves pre-existing techniques for drawing attention, such as paid advertising and marketing gimmicks, but it particularly enhances the primary method to get noticed: the press release. Because of tools like search engines, anyone seeking to reach a narrower market can access that demographic just by including the right keywords in their press release.


Furthermore, a syndicated press release optimizes that distribution by appearing in all the best places simultaneously. Portal websites, or link pages, will publish press releases with the most relevant text in order to direct web traffic to them—subsequently getting a lot of that traffic to click on the link in your press release.

Today, syndication is even easier with the assistance of press release services such as Send2Press (a service of Neotrope). Send2Press (www.send2press.com ) takes care of both the writing and the distribution; it uses recognizable embedded text and makes certain your press release finds the right news sources, social media networks and clipping services. Plus, it ensures that the press release stays out there, rather than becoming a casualty of a one-time dissemination.

The investment of hiring a company like Send2Press is small fish compared to the benefits you can reap. Getting noticed fast is important with the breadth of competing information out there today, and getting noticed more is just as crucial. Syndicated press releases maximize the possibility for both, but only when done just the right way!

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Custom Publishing Targets Niche Audience


It’s been said that we, “Surf the Internet, but swim in magazines,” proving that print is not dead. Most people still spend money on magazines and readership is up among young people as well as their parents. Why? Magazines continue to provide that relationship-building experience that we all seek. It remains like no other medium out there. Magazines provide a certain “intimacy” that other forms of communication do not. Now- this is not to say that digital and social media do not continue to soar, they do – but print will remain strong especially in the area of custom publishing.