Write Away, Inc. Increases Print Subscription Sales through Social Media PDF Print

While many may argue that print is a dying breed, the staff at Write Away, Inc. begs to differ; you just need to work all the angles. And, that’s just what they did.


Write Away, Inc., the editors for Action Pursuit Games Magazine, the world’s leading magazine for paintball and airsoft enthusiasts published by Beckett Media, was tasked with the challenge to help improve subscription numbers and to increase reader involvement.


So, they jumped into action. They polled readers and learned what they wanted – a more interactive website, more training videos and a Facebook presence where fans could interact and post event-related information and more.

After four months of syndicating paintball videos on YouTube, updating Facebook postings and posting fitness training videos on the magazine’s website, the excitement generated led to an increase in newsstand sales and subscriptions. The efficiency numbers are slowly, but surely on the rise.


As a result, the Public Relations Association of Western North Carolina (PRAWNC) recently recognized Write Away, Inc. as the winners of its “Online Marketing-Social Media” category at a recent award ceremony – Best of The Mountains – an annual awards’ program that recognizes excellence in public relations and marketing communications in Western North Carolina.


One judge commented, “It appears that research was key in adjusting to the use of more video, and with a miniscule budget, the YouTube hits and fan numbers aren’t shabby.”


Another judge said, “Well done Action Pursuit Games (now duck, there’s a paintball headed your way!”)


For more information on the magazine, Action Pursuit Games, visit: www.actionpursuitgames.com. You can also check out an APG YouTube video  with currently more than 10,000 hits.

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It’s been said that we, “Surf the Internet, but swim in magazines,” proving that print is not dead. Most people still spend money on magazines and readership is up among young people as well as their parents. Why? Magazines continue to provide that relationship-building experience that we all seek. It remains like no other medium out there. Magazines provide a certain “intimacy” that other forms of communication do not. Now- this is not to say that digital and social media do not continue to soar, they do – but print will remain strong especially in the area of custom publishing.