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We are your content creation resource.

Write Away, Inc. is a full-service editorial company (plus) that will handle all of your writing, proofing and editing needs. "Plus" services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing. We will tweak your web content and optimization through well-researched key word writing; press release distribution; and  blog development.


We are your turnkey-operation solution.


In business since 2002, we believe in the power of the word - print and digital. Deadline driven, and always on time, the staff at Write Away, Inc. works with clients to ensure their needs are met in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner — “Remember, you’ve got the right-of-way at Write Away.”

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We are your publishing content managers. 


Based in Asheville, in the mountains of western North Carolina, we have assembled a writing staff that is creative, client sensitive and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. You can count on us to deliver what you need because we listen to you. 

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Liisa and Bryan Sullivan, co-owners, bring more than 25 years of editorial and journalistic experience to the table. They enjoy working directly with clients and seeing a project through to its end. They work with a pool of  talented freelancers (this is only a short sampling) who, together, ensure their clients' success.  


We are here when you need us.  


If you have content needs - whether digital or print - we have what it takes. Call us today. 

Custom Publishing Targets Niche Audience


It’s been said that we, “Surf the Internet, but swim in magazines,” proving that print is not dead. Most people still spend money on magazines and readership is up among young people as well as their parents. Why? Magazines continue to provide that relationship-building experience that we all seek. It remains like no other medium out there. Magazines provide a certain “intimacy” that other forms of communication do not. Now- this is not to say that digital and social media do not continue to soar, they do – but print will remain strong especially in the area of custom publishing.