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The staff at Write Away Plus is able to write on any topic. We have a strong focus on healthcare, food, technology, business and marketing writing. This is just a small sampling of published articles, releases and newsletters. We are happy to provide additional samples upon request. Please click on the samples below.

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Tennessee Getaway: Blackberry Farm Offers World Class Luxury in a Low-key Setting



A short drive from Asheville, and situated on a pastoral 4,200-acre estate in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, sits Blackberry Farm which has earned its reputation as one of the most highly-acclaimed, small luxury hotels in the country.

Guests are welcomed to while away the hours and days in luxurious comfort and spectacular surroundings. They can design their own personal experiences through an array of activities such as guided fly-fishing trips, a visit to the Farmhouse spa, a personal tour of the farm, horseback riding adventures, Harley motorcycle trips, bicycling and shooting activities to world-class culinary classes and wine events.

"We will not stop," Sam Beall, proprietor, said, "until we are known as the top food and wine destination in the country."
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The International Grill: Steven Raichlen — From Buenos Aires and Germany to Istanbul


How does a three-day crash course on grilling that takes place in the mountains of Colorado sound? If it sounds good, Barbecue University, affectionately known as "BBQ U," may be for you! BBQ U offers a rapid-fire, jam-packed course in the art of grilling and smoking. The campus is a mountain lodge with more than 30 grills and smokers.

During the three-day course, attendees will learn all five methods of live fire cooking, and then lunch on what's prepared in class. The school takes place at the Five Diamond Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs, so it's a great vacation, too. Read full article... (pdf format)



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Juicy Wings, Flavorful Drinks: Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Offers Delicious Ready-Made Products for Your Next Tailgating Party


Jimmy Buffett truly epitomizes the kickback island lifestyle, but if you run into the popular singer and musician at a New Orleans Saints game, you just might find him in another frame of mind.

You see, Buffett is a diehard Saints fan and has been known to attend a tailgate party or two. In fact, his concerts have earned a reputation for being some of the hottest tailgating events around. So, it was only appropriate that he launch a line of food and beverage products to make tailgating even more laidback and fun.
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LIPs: What You Need to Know Before You Hire


Many behavioral health care facilities use Licensed Independent Practitioners, commonly referred to as LIPS. But before you hire, you need to know what first steps to take to keep you out of hot water with the Joint Commission. For instance, how do you verify credentials? And, what happens after verification? How are they supervised? What are their responsibilities?

Read on to learn more about how to work these valuable professionals into your health care framework and still maintain compliance with the Joint Commission.
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Multi-faceted Communication Aids in Nurse Retention


Melanie Heuston, RN, director of nurse recruiting at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), says effective communication in many different forms is used to build commitment and increase retention among nurses.

UPMC, one of the largest, nonprofit integrated healthcare systems in the U.S, (20 hospitals with a total staff of 35,000, including 6,600 nurses) and the largest employer in western Pennsylvania, instituted a “professional practice council” model at one of the UPMC hospitals before they were a system. The council members are selected by their colleagues and managers, and they represent the voices of their peers.
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Youthful Aging Designs Formula to Promote Independence in the Aging


Longevity is a division of Youthful Aging Home Health, and is designed to advise the older adult on options for continuing to live independently in their own home. Improving memory and physical mobility become the keys to sustaining independence.

“Longevity accomplishes this goal through our six-point formula for health management and wellness. It reduces the need to relocate into the retirement continuum from home to independent living to assisted living and then to a nursing facility,” says Nicci Kobritz, RN, NP, president of Youthful Aging Home Health Care in Sarasota, Fl.

Clients pay only for what they need so they can maintain flexibility, choice and control.
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Hospice is for the Living


So many equate hospice to death, but for one hospice program at CarePartners in Asheville, NC, a team of talented and compassionate professionals and volunteers have demonstrated to families and patients that it’s about living, not dying.
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Wii, Kinect and SimplyHome – Tech-savvy Seniors


ASHEVILLE, N.C, Jan. 5, 2011 – So, what do Microsoft’s new Xbox Kinect, Nintendo’s Wii and SimplyHome have in common? SimplyHome’s assistive technology is bringing its clients to the next level in independent living and underlying innuendos in Wii and Kinect may also have impacts on helping seniors and those with developmental disabilities to age in place more gracefully and independently.

For instance, a recent health care blogger wrote that since Kinect’s camera is able to follow people as they move about the room that scenarios for home physical therapy or medical rehabilitation with expert avatars or live health professionals is not out of the question. And, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) also understands the potential significance here as well; its recent member newsletter gave Kinect front-page coverage.


In addition, Wii has been turning up in independent living and assisted living homes around the country as a way to keep seniors active and while at first look, many may have been reluctant, more and more are embracing technology in many senses of the word.


Enter SimplyHome – a company that offers cost-effective, innovative technological solutions to provide wellness monitoring, caregiver assistance, and in-home medical alert systems for elder care or for individuals with physical or developmental disabilities.


“Our health monitor systems are designed to be less invasive than many others on the market,” explains Allen Ray, CEO of SimplyHome. “No call to action is required of the person needing assistance which allows him or her to maintain their dignity and privacy. Technology is no longer the big elephant in the room.”


For seniors, SimplyHome provides support to help them live independently at home. So, how does it work? For example, if a senior leaves the stove on, a sensor detects a potential need. An option is available where the first alert may go to the person requiring support. If that is not a preferred choice, then the first alert is sent immediately through text message, phone call or e- mail to that person’s loved one. Additionally, there are also backup people built into a “calling tree.”


While this assistive technology cannot prevent accidents, choices or behaviors, family and caregivers are notified of actions or inactivity. The systems are unobtrusive, silent and require little or no maintenance. And, these safety monitoring systems are not just for seniors. They also benefit disabled and developmentally-disabled persons, home health providers, assisted living communities, and long- term care facilities.


“My brother has never been happier,” says one satisfied client. “He is living with greater independence and enjoys being with his roommate and friends.”


In addition to peace of mind, this assistive technology also provides financial relief. “The MetLife Market Survey of Nursing Home and Assisted Living Costs,” published in October 2010, reported that the national average for the base rate at a nursing home was $83,585, annually.


So, if a family plans today, they can save tomorrow. For instance, a study of nine consumers living independently with SimplyHome technology and staff support averaged a cost savings of $42,883.85 per person per year when compared to living at an intermediate care facility.


For more information, visit: www.simply-home.com .

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